Collections of events with photo-based evidence of my engineering design work:

The following is an explanation of all the strengths that I have listed in my About Me . This section expands and gives evidence for each of them. They also link back to my process in places.

Strength: Idea Development Through Documentation:

The most powerful tool I have for working through my design process by myself is to think things out using documentation. I write down all my ideas and use the written representation of my thoughts to organize myself, come up with ideas, and track myself. My design process works very well by doing it all in a document, as I can track all the concepts I have discarded, and the different iterations of documentation.

The following are some examples of me thinking out a task using documentation. These were all created in google docs so my group could also see my work.

Document: Designing a UI…

This is a document where i was looking into creating a digital user interface for the digital device we were going to create as a team. I never followed through because we shifted our design and this was no longer relevant.


As a team, we kept track of our progress at meetings through the use of meeting minutes. This is also a good example for the next strength in this list: ‘Document Based team collaboration.’ At each team meeting, we would all throw ideas into the meeting minutes for that meeting. It was helpful for us to write our thoughts and more complicated ideas, and was a good method to make progress even during remote (skype) team meetings.

My final example is just a reference to where I alone think out and execute a device selection. This is likely the strongest example of me developing ideas.


Strength: Document Based Team Collaboration:

Leveraging the collaborative power of Google Drive and Docs and related software, I am able to work with my team either in person or remotely on the same document, and collaborate through comments and suggested edits. As outlined in my process, my productivity is usually much higher when working alone, and this is still the case even when working in a document with other people. In this way, I have made myself extremely effective both in productivity and team collaboration.

The following images are examples of this in action within Google’s online collaboration software. The first 2 images are examples of myself and the other 3 members of my team all working at the same time on the same thing. All of us sharing our ideas to generate a quality product we all understand.

Inkedposter making methods of R14_LI.jpg

This is the poster we created for the final presentation of our project in our design course during second semester of my first year. The woman is for scale of what the printed poster will look like.

Inkedworking with the team_LI.jpg

This is the the requirements model myself and my team were creating for our RFP which was the first half of the design course in second semester. It is a different project from the one in the poster.


The following is a table I created in a document before the team meeting where we would decide these speaking roles. I did this to let my teammates think about who would say what before the meeting, and to set a groundwork to build on during the meeting. During the meeting we all looked at it and discussed it to change it into the second image:

speaker breakdown.JPG


Final result.


Strength: Articulating Ideas Through use of Visuals:

I enjoy using visual representations of information, whether it is for just myself, within my group, or for presenting a final product. I used this tool many times in the last semester of my first year. Here are a few examples:

For generating ideas:

Copy of File_001.jpeg

Myself acting out what it would be like to use a touchscreen mounted to the wall.



Here I was using sticky notes to keep track and arrange my ideas on a window.


For representing lots of information:


Here we are organizing information about the community we are investigating.

Copy of 0211_1.jpeg

This is a later representation, after we had found a lot more data. The person is Tiger Jian.


Copy of FINAL reqs chart ;).JPG

We used this visual presentation of our requirements model in a final document we submitted.

Strength: Organization of Information:

Organizing data is important when for being able to recall it quickly and easily. It also makes design processes go a lot smoother. It allows me to know what steps of my process I have completed or how many iterations I have gone though. It is very important to support the previously mentioned strength of ‘Idea development through documentation.’

Following from my outline of choosing a device, my use of the data table to hold the many details about the designs I was interested in demonstrates my ability to know how to deal with that amount of information.


In addition, here is a page of the final notes sheet I made for potential use in my final presentation. It was done very intentionally in this way, to hold all the key information from the data table but in a format that is far more easy to read. The ability to read it quickly was key during the presentation for either me or my assessors.

finaldata sheet capture.JPG

The final data sheet document here

Strength: Engaging with Stakeholders

The first component of my design course in second semester focused a lot on seeking out and engaging with stakeholders. I did just that and found I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Here are 2 examples of myself and my team doing that work:

This first one is the initiating email. It explains itself.

munizo email.JPG

This next image is of me engaging with a stakeholder as my team was about halfway towards submitting our final RFP on the stakeholders we had found. At this point I was interested in connecting and getting feedback on what we had to ensure that our methods of modeling their problem using engineering was working accurately.

ben message edited.jpg
Messaging a stakeholder

Strength: Strong and Clear Communicator:

When it comes to communicating with my team, I take initiative to be clear and to the point. I focus on getting information to them efficiently and in a way they can understand. I communicated with my team this semester using a group chat.

This first image is me offering information that I had uncovered for the benefit of my team. I shared the information as soon as i found it, with the intent of letting my team move as quickly as possible.

Inkedgroupchat pic 1_LI.jpg

This next one is me bringing up some potential issues for an upcoming mid-project presentation, called “Beta.”

groupchat pic 2.JPG

I also make a suggestion to my group mate. This spurs on his own ideas and he requests a skype call so we can discuss ideas before he met with a researcher tomorrow. That call in turn allowed him to gather a great deal of very important information from that researcher which heavily shaped the rest of the project.

This is why I make such an effort to communicate information with my team, it supports progress.


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